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If you’re experiencing symptoms that indicate heart trouble, it can be a worrying time for you and your family. At WestsideMed in Atlanta, Georgia, the team offers advanced electrocardiogram (EKG) technology to record the electrical activity in your heart and provide a timely diagnosis of your condition. If you have any concerns about your heart, call WestsideMed today to schedule a consultation, or book an appointment online.


What is an EKG?

EKG, or ECG, is short for electrocardiogram, which is a diagnostic test that shows how well your heart is functioning. The EKG machine records the electrical activity in your heart through electrodes stuck onto your chest and several of the large blood vessels in your arms and legs.

EKG readings can show if you:

  • Are having a heart attack
  • Have an abnormal heart rhythm
  • Have ischemia (poor blood flow to the heart)

The team can also check for any existing abnormalities such as a thickened heart muscle.

What happens during an EKG?

A standard EKG procedure is completely painless. You simply lie on the examination table and your provider attaches small electrodes to strategic places on your body with adhesive pads. If you have a hairy chest or legs, you may need to shave to ensure there’s good contact with your skin.

The EKG machine reads the electrical impulses in your heart and creates a picture on a computer monitor for the team to analyze. The test itself takes very little time at the WestsideMed office. 

As well as the standard resting EKG, you may need an EKG that measures your heart’s activity when you’re exercising on a treadmill. Other forms of EKG include:

Holter monitor

A Holter monitor is a portable EKG that you wear continuously for 24-48 hours to monitor your heart rhythm or check blood flow to the heart. You wear the monitor as you carry out your normal day-to-day activities, making a note of what you’re doing throughout the test period.

Event monitor

An event monitor is a portable EKG that you wear for several weeks or months when your symptoms aren’t constant. Whenever you notice symptoms, you push a button to record the electrical activity in your heart.

Would I need any other tests at the same time as an EKG?

An EKG is one of the routine tests the team carries out during your physical exam, or when you need a certificate of fitness, along with blood work. You may also need blood tests if you’re having an EKG because you’ve been experiencing problems with your heart.

If you have symptoms affecting your heart, WestsideMed can carry out the appropriate tests, including an EKG. Call the office today or book an appointment online.