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Primary Care

WestsideMed -  - Urgent Care


Urgent Care & Primary Care Practice located in Atlanta, GA

If you develop a fever, experience a sore throat, or need to refill a prescription, primary care can help. At WestsideMed, the team provides a full suite of primary care services, including chronic care management, lab services, and the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries. To make an appointment at the practice in Atlanta, Georgia, call the office or schedule online.

Primary Care Q&A

What is primary care?

Primary care provides all of your basic medical needs. If you or a loved one experiences an illness or injury, primary care can provide treatment right away. Aside from diagnosing and treating illnesses, primary care providers can:

  • Educate you on nutrition and exercise
  • Update your immunizations
  • Refill prescription medication
  • Order lab services

You can also use primary care to monitor your health goals over time.

What services does primary care offer?

The team at WestsideMed provides primary care services to people of all ages in a warm and welcoming environment. Some of the most popular primary care services include:

Chronic condition management

Chronic condition management refers to the treatment of any disease that lasts for three months or longer. At WestsideMed, the team specializes in chronic care management for asthma, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, and high cholesterol.

Evaluation and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries

Acute illnesses and injuries are minor health problems, like the cold, the flu, or a sprained ankle. Making it to the doctor within a few hours of your initial symptoms is an easy and effective way to relieve uncomfortable symptoms and recover quickly.  


Vaccinations train your body’s immune system to identify and destroy potentially harmful invaders like fungi, viruses, and bacteria. The type of vaccinations that will benefit you depend on your age, medical history, and occupation. Following an exam, your WestsideMed provider can make recommendations that align with your needs.


If you experience a sports injury or work-related accident and it causes a joint like your knee or wrist to swell, your provider might recommend X-rays. X-rays are a type of diagnostic imaging that uses small amounts of radiation to capture detailed photographs of your bones and joints.

What if I need to see a specialist?

The primary care providers at WestsideMed are trained to diagnose and treat most acute and chronic health problems. If they determine your condition requires more customized care, they can refer you to a medical specialist in the area.

How often should I make a primary care appointment?

The team at WestsideMed recommends making an appointment with your primary care provider at least once a year. Just because you feel healthy, doesn’t necessarily mean something isn’t wrong. Routine checkups can alert you to potentially serious issues when they’re easiest to treat.

Don’t wait to make a primary care appointment at WestsideMed. Call the office or schedule online today.