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Lab Services

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Urgent Care & Primary Care Practice located in Atlanta, GA

Lab services like blood tests, strep tests, STD tests, and urinalysis help diagnose health problems that aren’t always visible to the naked eye. They also provide essential information about your health and assist in guiding treatment. At WestsideMed, the team provides lab services to people of all ages. To make an appointment at the practice in Atlanta, Georgia, call the office or schedule online.

Lab Service Q&A

What are lab services?

Lab services are a crucial component of primary care. They help the WestsideMed team diagnose and treat various health problems and play an important role in developing treatment plans. 

Most lab services involve taking a sample of bodily fluids, like urine, saliva, or blood. Your WestsideMed provider collects the samples in-office and sends them to a laboratory for further analysis. When the team receives your results, they call you and discuss the findings.

What are some of the lab services offered?

At WestsideMed, the team offers a variety of lab services, including:

  • COVID-19 testing
  • Influenza testing
  • Strep throat testing
  • HbA1C (blood sugar) testing
  • Pregnancy testing
  • STD testing
  • HIV testing
  • Mono testing
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine drug testing

You might also benefit from certain blood tests, like a complete blood count (CBC), a complete thyroid panel, or a cholesterol test.

What lab services will benefit me?

The team at WestsideMed orders lab services based on your individual needs. Following an in-office exam, a review of your medical history, and a discussion of your symptoms, your provider orders specific tests that assist them in making a proper diagnosis.

For example, if you’re experiencing morning sickness or unusual cravings, they might recommend a pregnancy test. If you’re sexually active with multiple partners and don’t regularly use protection, you might benefit from an STD test.

What happens to my sample once it’s collected?

Once the team collects your samples, they label them with your name and date of birth. Afterward, they seal the contents in a tamper-proof box and send it to a local laboratory testing facility. 

The technicians at the laboratory facility run your samples through a series of machines and collect the results for review. Then, they send your results to WestsideMed electronically, where they’re posted in your patient portal.

When will I get the results of my lab services?

Often, you receive the results of lab services within four hours. Certain procedures, like Pap tests, biopsies, and cultures may take longer due to the amount of labor involved. If it’s been more than 48 hours since your test and you still haven’t received your results, contact the team at WestsideMed right away.

To learn more about the benefits of lab services, make an appointment at WestsideMed by calling the office or scheduling online today.