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The Importance of Primary Care for Black Men

Disparities in healthcare impact racial and ethnic groups in the US. Most specifically, black men have the lowest life expectancy and highest death rates when compared to other racial and ethnic groups. This is critical for our locale because black people, with a large percentage being black men, make up close to 60% of our population.

While there are many reasons why detriments in healthcare impact black men more drastically than other groups, having a primary care provider can improve their health outcomes.

Among black men, African American men are less likely to have a primary care provider or seek medical care, in general. Unfortunately, this includes preventative care as well. Consequently, African American men suffer from preventable ailments that decrease their quality of life and longevity.

A primary care provider is a health care advocate and assists their patients in recognizing and treating illnesses prior to these illnesses becoming life-threatening. For example, black men have higher instances of chronic obesity, diabetes, and prostate cancer. All of which can be treated early and monitored with checkups and screenings. Black men also have higher instances of suicide. Having a relationship with a primary care provider and feeling comfortable enough to discuss health concerns helps a primary care provider coordinate the appropriate care that is needed with other specialists.

The health care providers at WestsideMed, have a passion for the black men in our community and want to see them thrive. This starts with giving them more effective care. Statistics show that black men who visit black primary care providers are more likely to follow preventative health guidelines. At WestsideMed, we have a diverse medical staff that is intent on providing the black men in our community with the best care possible. We want them to be educated on their care and comfortable discussing their concerns. Our patients can trust that we have their best interests at heart.

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