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Why Choose WestsideMed?

What a company stands for is representative of the services or products they provide. At WestsideMed, being transparent about our standards and goals helps our patients determine the type of care they want to receive. In a time where quality of care is declining, we strive to exceed expectations because we are advocates of wellness.

This article is intended to give you a broader scope of how we operate at WestsideMed and what we intend on delivering to every patient who walks through our doors. We will discuss our core values, expertise, standard of care, community connection, and motivation that pushes us as medical professionals.

With this insight, we hope you feel assured in choosing WestsideMed as your first option for primary and urgent care.

Strong Core Values Allow Us to Set a High Standard

Core values give our medical providers and staff a standard to exemplify. It lets us make good decisions about how we conduct ourselves and approach challenges in our space or as we treat patients.

Our core values include integrity, focus, knowledge, dependability, honesty, and kindness.  WestsideMed is an inviting space where everyone is welcome. We want our medical providers, staff, and patients to feel comfortable coexisting together. By setting criteria on how this should occur, everyone knows what conduct is promoted in the clinic environment.

When our attention is focused on uplifting each other as a clinic staff, we can do the same for the patients we serve.

Expertise and Skills are Primary

At WestsideMed, we take our professional expertise seriously. This means that as a patient you can be confident in knowing that you are receiving the best care.

We want you to understand what is going on regarding your treatment. We want you to ask questions, openly without hesitation. It is our responsibility to explain what you may not grasp completely.

Effective communication is a primary goal for us. This starts with our medical providers and staff being highly skilled and knowledgeable at what they do so they can clearly explain what patient care entails.

We Deliver a High Standard of Care

Here as some ways that we deliver a high standard of care to our patients:

These are just some of the ways we provide exceptional care to our patients.

We are Community Connected

At WestsideMed, community is everything and we are part of the community we serve.

We believe in representation, and we are representative of our community. It is important to us that the patients who enter our clinic directly see that connection. Our providers and medical staff are part of the diverse demographic that we provide care to.

As a local business, we support our community, and we take pride in the contributions that we make to our local economy. We also aim to continually strengthen the social connections that we have with our patients and community residents by communicating with them about what is going on at our clinic.

We Have a Passion for What We Do

Here at WestsideMed, we are motivated to be the best for ourselves and others. That is shown by the satisfaction of our patients and staff.  Being ambitious and passionate about what we do drives our success and the well-being of our patients.

We want our patients to feel encouraged and take an active role in the care they receive. This promotes effective recovery and sustained wellness.

You are a part of WestsideMed, together we can continue to make our neighborhood primary and urgent care clinic the best it can be.

Trust WestsideMed for Fast, Compassionate, Quality Care


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