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Chronic Condition Management In Atlanta: What To Know

hand emptying pills into hand of patient needing chronic condition management

Primary care doctors in Atlanta are well-versed in treating every manner of health condition at a moment's notice. But what's the best way to treat people with long-term conditions? Not every patient's struggle with health problems is the same. That's where effective chronic condition management comes in.

So when patients experience health issues, namely chronic disease, what's the best way to manage them? Chronic condition management.

What Is Chronic Condition Management?

Chronic condition management refers to healthcare addressing symptoms of diseases and illnesses that last over three months.

Chronic condition management is a form of primary care that aims to improve a patient's life through effective and regular screenings and exams. Additionally, medical professionals educate patients about various health conditions to help in effective management.

Effectively treating chronic diseases is one of the most important foundations of health care. At WestsideMed, this program crafts individual health care services for patients to help address and even prevent health conditions.

But what constitutes a chronic condition or disease?

What Is A Chronic Disease?

Chronic disease is any disease that lasts more than a year. WestsideMed treats health conditions that affect patients for three months or more. It’s an effective way to treat conditions early, helping patients heal and recover quicker.

Common conditions that fall under the umbrella of chronic disease include:

Although these are the most prominent health issues people experience, effective treatment involves monitoring any minor and acute diseases that can prove to be life-changing for patients.

How Chronic Condition Management Works

Chronic condition management isn't just addressing a health issue and providing medication or advice. It involves developing an in-depth, personalized health care plan that best helps individual patients.

With chronic conditions, no one treatment is a cure-all for every patient. As such, medical professionals at WestsideMed take every variable into account when assisting patients.

Programs develop through patients providing their medical background to primary care doctors in Atlanta. Your environment, family medical history, and disease severity all help doctors develop a comprehensive plan.

This aspect of primary care aims to help treat symptoms and limit the severity of progressive diseases like cystic fibrosis and cancer.

Chronic Condition Management At Westside Medical

At WestsideMed, primary care physicians in Atlanta provide excellent health care through effective chronic care management. A team of primary care physicians in Atlanta treats diabetes, heart conditions, asthma, and other health issues that need addressing. They provide and develop comprehensive health care plans to better help patients manage their conditions.

This information helps support the patient in their journey through the healthcare system.

From seeing a specialist in Atlanta to monitoring medication doses at home, these programs help the individual manage the seemingly unmanageable.

Your local primary and urgent care in Atlanta offers patients top-quality, fast, and effective health care services and patient education.

Additionally, patients can expect health care in a safe, state-of-the-art, and LGBTQ+ friendly environment. 

Learn more about how to manage your health conditions. And how physicians at WestsideMed look after and improve the health of patients in the Atlanta major metropolitan area.

Call WestsideMed for more health information.

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