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National Recovery Month 2022: Making Positive Progress

four people embracing each other outside during national recovery month 2022

Summer is over, and September is here, which means it's National Recovery Month. It's to shed light on the hard work of service providers and individuals in the recovery community. With over 20 million Americans struggling with substance use, this month aims to destigmatize addiction.

But what is National Recovery Month? And how does it affect those in recovery who need treatment or provide health care solutions? 

Let’s take a break from discussing annual physicals in Atlanta and medical news to give this time of year the proper attention it’s due.

What Is National Recovery Month?

Every September, National Recovery Month serves as a way to celebrate and promote the gains the recovery community has made. Since 1989, SAMHSA, part of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, has been promoting public awareness of the struggles of everyday Americans with substance use disorders.

September is about growing the recovery community and destigmatizing addiction and substance abuse. This month is also about fully embracing evidence-based addiction treatments in Atlanta and the entire country.

National Recovery Month 2022: What’s New?

The White House recently released a statement on the importance of National Recovery Month this September. Joe Biden explains gains made in the recovery community. More importantly, its impact on the millions of Americans struggling with drug and alcohol addiction:

“In celebration of Americans on the road to recovery, this National Recovery Month, we recommit to helping prevent substance use disorder, supporting those who are still struggling, and providing people in recovery with the resources they need to live full and healthy lives.”

This is a crucial resource in helping those struggling with substance abuse to find the help they need. This proclamation stresses the use of recovery treatments and methods every day of the year.

With that in mind, the President explains how committed the administration is to national recovery:

“...we secured nearly $22 billion from the Congress to support drug prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and recovery support services, with a focus on underserved communities. With the additional $4 billion investment from our American Rescue Plan, my Administration is expanding recovery community organizations, recovery high schools, collegiate recovery programs, and recovery residences.”

This emphasis on growing the assistance network for people with substance addictions and service providers is vital, especially for Americans.

Addiction, America, And Mental Health

What does this September mean to America and its history of addiction? It turns out that mental health plays a large part.

According to a 2018 study by CDC researchers, more than 1 in 10 Americans reported having experienced substance use issues. Researchers found that mental health issues were prevalent in Americans with substance use disorders.

This is where the importance of observing recovery and treatment is crucial to improving lives.

The study concludes on a hopeful note: 75% of Americans reported being in recovery. CDC researchers conclude that treatment efficacy and access to resources drove recovery and improved health.

We hope to see that number grow exponentially in the coming years and subsequent recovery months.

Final Thoughts On National Recovery Month

If you suffer from substance abuse and addiction, you're not alone.

This September, WestsideMed celebrates the hard work everyone in the Atlanta recovery community accomplished.

As always, WestsideMed also continues to be an advocate for those struggling with addiction in Atlanta.

For more information on how WestsideMed can help, call 217-269-8205 and schedule an appointment with our healthcare providers in Atlanta.

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