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Annual Physicals: Early Health Risk Prevention

Atlanta nurse practitioner applies band aid to patient's arm after vaccination

It's more important than ever to schedule annual physicals. With COVID-19 and especially long COVID-19, people need to visit their doctor's office and ensure their physical health is sound.

An annual physical can help patients prevent health complications and catch problematic diseases, medical conditions, and more from developing further.

What Are Annual Physicals?

Chances are that you're no stranger to annual physical exams. Every year, a patient meets with their primary care provider to get a picture of their overall health.

Who Does Annual Physicals?

Physicians, like internists, nurse practitioners, and family medicine doctors, perform these essential examinations and services.

What Happens During Annual Physicals?

Annual physicals consist of various medical checks and services to ensure you're healthy. Medical professionals will perform various regular health checks on patients, including:

Other things included are checking to see if organs are in the right place, ensuring lungs are functioning, and checking reflexes. It depends on the individual, medical history, and current state of health.

These staples of physical exams help catch early signs of skin cancer, heart disease, and blood pressure issues like hypertension. But you can also include various other health tests in your physical.

Do Annual Physicals Test For STDs?

A regular physical exam won't include STD testing. However, if you're showing active STD symptoms, your doctor will need to test for them. But it's always a good idea to have regular STD testing once sexually active.

Are Physicals Mandatory?

No, physical exams aren't mandatory. However, we recommend patients actively make appointments for physicals. These exams can make a massive difference in catching early health risks and improving overall health.

Do I Need An Annual Physical Exam? Are Physicals Really Necessary?

Yes, it's imperative that you get in contact with your doctor and schedule an appointment for annual physicals in Atlanta.

It's an easy, quick, routine, and essential doctor's visit to help you detect early signs of physical ailments. For example, you can screen to see if you're at risk for diabetes, cancer, heart issues, and other chronic conditions. Catching these conditions early is vital for good overall health and wellness.

Do Adults Need Annual Physicals?

Yes, but everyone, regardless of age, should undergo regular wellness checks and exams with their doctors.

At What Age Do You Need A Physical Exam?

Although we recommend getting a physical every year, there are a few ironclad rules to follow at certain ages. For example, if you're a 40-year-old woman, you must start having regular mammograms. A mammogram is an easy exam that can detect breast cancer early on and saves lives.

Likewise, men need regular prostate exams after the age of 50.

However, men should get a prostate exam at 45 if they have a family history of prostate cancer.

A doctor monitoring your health can also determine if you need various procedures like colonoscopies, EKG readings, and other exams.

Doctors can help you with the medical screening process at WestsideMed.

Annual Physicals At WestsideMed

At WestsideMed, our team of talented specialists, doctors, and nurse practitioners help you achieve health goals through comprehensive physical exams in Atlanta.

Whether you're looking to catch a medical condition like lung cancer or review your medical history, our urgent care in Atlanta helps you.

Most importantly, an annual physical in Atlanta can help you care for your overall health. Be sure to make an appointment with the medical doctors and experts at WestsideMed to start the journey towards improving and caring for your health. 

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