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Urgent Care X-Rays: How Do They Work?

Doctor reading an urgent care x-ray in Atlanta

Emergency rooms aren't the only places you can receive a comprehensive x-ray. Do urgent cares have x-rays? Yes, and urgent care x-rays in Atlanta can help doctors understand hairline fractures, joint issues, and the status of organs like the liver and kidneys.

In an emergency, x-rays are invaluable tools for determining a medical plan of action.

It's time to examine x-rays, their role in medicine, and how urgent care x-rays can help you craft a recovery plan with your doctor.

Urgent Care X-Rays: What Are They?

X-rays, known as radiographs, are scans that provide a clear picture of the inside of a person's body. You would receive an x-ray at an urgent care for broken bones, respiratory issues, and more.

X-rays can produce images of soft tissue, basic skeletal structure, and even some ingested foreign objects.

However, x-rays aren't the most powerful form of imaging technology. More powerful than x-rays, CT scans take things a step further.

X-Rays Vs. CT Scans

While x-rays are quick scans of the human body, CT scans, or computed tomography scans, are even more detailed.

X-rays are great ways to get a quick view of problem areas of the body. However, CT scans take pictures of the body from different angles, creating a more comprehensive view of the body.

A CT scan can make diagnosing conditions much easier for a doctor. With a map of the body's blood vessels, soft tissue, and bones, CT scans craft an image that shows how everything works in tandem.

However, arriving at an urgent care with a sports injury will likely only need an x-ray.

For example, doctors utilize CT scans when they need to detect tumors and cancer. CT scans are standard in chronic condition management.

X-Ray Benefits: Why Should I Get An X-Ray?

So why do you need an x-ray? What are some x-ray benefits?

X-Rays Are Quick

When getting an Atlanta urgent care x-ray, you and your medical specialist will receive results quickly. Time is of the essence when you're suffering from a painful injury. As such, a quick result means you can get on the road to treatment and recovery more quickly.

X-Rays Are Noninvasive

Unlike other medical tests and procedures, x-rays are noninvasive. All that patients need to do is lay or stand still for a quick scan.

X-Rays Help Doctors Diagnose Injuries

A quick x-ray in Atlanta can help doctors get a literal and figurative picture of a patient's condition. This tool allows doctors to take the next step and provide treatment options.

X-Rays Are More Affordable Than Other Procedures

Even when paying out of pocket, x-ray scans are cheaper than procedures like MRIs and CT scans.

And if you have insurance that covers an x-ray scan and a radiologist's interpretation, they're even more affordable.

Urgent Care X-Rays In Atlanta

Luckily for Atlanta residents who need to learn more about possible injuries and ailments, urgent care x-rays are available at WestsideMed.

Staffed by medical specialists, the WestsideMed urgent care clinic offers patients various services, from lab services to COVID-19 testing in Atlanta.

You can simply walk into the WestsideMed clinic for sudden injuries and receive an x-ray to determine an injury's severity.

Visit WestsideMed in Atlanta today for in-depth and quality medical treatment. You can’t put your health on hold. Get in touch with medical experts and get results today!

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