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Skin Lesion Excision In Atlanta: A Guide To Cancer Removal

Atlanta urgent care doctor examining patient's back for possible lesion excision

Visiting your dermatologist is crucial to maintaining your health. Like seeing a primary care provider or urgent care doctor for an annual physical, cancer screenings are essential for a long and healthy life. And with skin lesion excision in Atlanta, patients have a better chance of avoiding and treating cancer.

Screening for cancer is as simple and routine as receiving x-rays, vaccinations, or a checkup.

What Is Skin Lesion Excision?

Skin lesion excision is a way doctors remove cancerous tissue from a patient's skin. This procedure involves removing lesions as well as the surrounding area.

Skin lesion excision is a type of biopsy in which the medical professional sends the skin sample to the lab for testing.

Why Remove Skin Lesions?

A leading cause of skin lesion excision is to prevent the spread of cancer. However, patients can opt for skin lesion excision for cosmetic reasons, too.

Likewise, if a skin lesion is overly sensitive and inflamed, it's well worth investing in this procedure.

There are different types of cancerous skin cells that lesion excision addresses.

Types Of Skin Cancer

The skin is the body's largest organ and is prone to several types of cancer. The most common forms of skin cancer are:

The latter two forms are carcinomas, which form on the epithelial lining of organs and skin. Melanoma, on the other hand, is the most dangerous, expected to cause nearly 8,000 deaths in 2022. According to the American Cancer Society, melanoma makes up only 1% of cancers but makes up the most skin cancer-related deaths.

With that in mind, let's explore the lesion removal process in Atlanta.

How Removing Skin Lesions Works

Lesion removal in Atlanta is a relatively simple outpatient procedure, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to just under a half hour. Remember, this may vary based on the size and shape of the lesion.

After discussing the procedure in detail with a medical professional, patients will disclose particulars about their medication regimens and pre-existing health issues. Certain medication combinations and supplements can increase bleeding during and after the surgery.

Dermatologists mark the intended area with a marker and prepare the skin for surgery with a local anesthetic. This anesthetic helps keep a particular area numb during the procedure.

Next comes the actual excision, where the medical provider removes the skin growth. There are various ways medical professionals can remove lesions and potentially cancerous cells.

After the growth is removed, the medical professional prepares the skin sample for lab analysis. Patients will receive the results of the lesion excision soon after.

In short, the process is straightforward, and patients can go home the same day. Just remember to follow up with your medical provider for the next steps.

Is Removing Skin Lesions Quick?

Most of the time, removing skin lesions doesn't take too long. Again, it depends on the size of the affected area.

Are There Surgery Scars With Skin Lesion Biopsies?

Yes. There is no way to entirely remove a benign or malignant lesion without scarring the body. Once again, scarring depends on the size of the affected area.

Experienced dermatologists and Atlanta urgent care providers with deft hands limit the size and scope of scarring as best they can during the procedure.

Skin Cancer Risk Factors

Gathering as much information as possible regarding skin cancer risk factors is crucial. Some common risk factors for melanoma or squamous cell carcinomas are:

If any risk factors apply, it's crucial to schedule regular screenings and practice sun safety tips. It not only helps reduce cancer risks but helps you stay comfortable from frequent sunburns and skin sensitivity.

Tips For Preventing Skin Cancer

An excellent way to avoid skin lesions and other skin problems are through proper preventative measures. You can do a few things to reduce your skin cancer risk.

Practicing sun safety means you can reduce your risk for skin cancers.

Lesion Removal In Atlanta With WestsideMed

Along with numerous medical services like x-rays, EKG readings, and annual physicals, the medical providers at WestsideMed offer skin lesion excision in Atlanta.

Preventative care is key to longevity. Don’t wait: if you have concerns about your skin, schedule a screening today, and remove lesions in Atlanta today!

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