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What Is Internal Medicine? A Basic Guide To Expert Care

Internist holding red stethoscope before internal medicine exam

Looking after your health is paramount. Whether getting your annual physical or needing a common surgical procedure, it's helpful to have an internist in your corner. You've likely heard of these medical experts. These doctors and medical professionals are experts in internal medicine. But what is internal medicine?

What Is Internal Medicine?

Internal medicine is a medical field concerned with preventing, diagnosing, and treating various conditions, diseases, and illnesses.

Here are some common conditions for which internal medicine doctors diagnose and provide treatment.

The list is long and varied, but internists have a wide-reaching knowledge of medical care. This variety of expertise in countless medical conditions, symptoms, and diseases makes being an internist a complicated yet satisfying career choice in health care.

Let's learn more about what distinguishes internists from other doctors.

What Is An Internal Medicine Doctor?

Internists are primary care physicians that usually treat adults.

To assist patients, many internists specialize in many practices, including physicals, checkups, treatment options, advice, and more.

Internists can perform minor surgery, diagnose illnesses, order medical testing like X-rays, and perform various exams and health screenings for patients.

Likewise, internists can administer vaccines, test for diabetes, and help prevent possible long-term and short-term conditions. Internists will likely have a vast network of colleagues and specialists that can further help patients take care of chronic medical conditions.

Internal Medicine Vs. Family Medicine

Simply put, internal medicine focuses on adults, while family medicine helps the entire family.

While both deal in primary care, you'll often see them in different settings. Many internists work in settings like hospitals, whereas family medicine doctors will be set up in private practices and other similar locations.

However, there are no concrete rules regarding where an internist or family medicine doctor can work. For example, internal medicine doctors can also set up their outpatient practice.

Do I Need To Visit An Internist?

Yes. Internal medicine is an invaluable healthcare field and helps millions of Americans live healthy lives. It doesn't matter if it's a COVID-19 test or an EKG reading in Atlanta.

Internists are crucial to preventing, diagnosing, and treating health conditions. Regular visits to an internist or primary care physician are the key to staying healthy and treating even the most severe diseases.

Additionally, forging a bond with an internist is an invaluable resource for successfully treating health conditions, from respiratory to cardiology issues. Internists work closely with patients to develop a cohesive schedule to serve their health care needs best.

Access To Expert Internists In Atlanta

At WestsideMed, where patients can access primary care and urgent care in Atlanta, Georgia, internal medicine makes up part of the experience. Primary care physicians play an essential role in the health of the community.

For patients looking to meet with a physician for screenings, exams, or need a medical problem solved, WestsideMed in Atlanta can provide excellent, comprehensive medical care.

Although internal medicine plays an important role, the WestsideMed experience involves many moving parts, all tailor-made to help patients.

Whether you experienced a sudden injury or need strep throat testing, WestsideMed offers these services and more.

Explore our services page and make an appointment with us today!

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