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Nebulizer Treatment in Atlanta: How To Breathe With Ease

Nebulizer in Atlanta with two pill bottles

Since the uptick in COVID-19 worldwide, respiratory illness and chronic conditions like asthma have become a particular point of focus in the medical community. With urgent care nebulizer treatments, patients experiencing breathing issues can treat their problems and start breathing easier in as little as ten minutes.

Let's learn about nebulizers, how they work, why they're needed, and more.

What Is A Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a device that converts medicine into a mist. Using a mouthpiece, the patient breathes in the medication for a set amount of time. The medication, delivered to the patient's lungs via droplets, is similar to an inhaler.

Whether it's primary or urgent care, nebulizers are standard tools to help people make sure they can breathe clearly.

The nebulizer consists of a few parts:

Types Of Nebulizers

There are different types of nebulizers. For our purposes, we'll look at two widespread nebulizers in use.

But how does a nebulizer work? Here is what a typical nebulizer treatment in Atlanta entails.

What Is A Nebulizer Treatment?

A nebulizer treatment is a breathing treatment to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms brought about by various respiratory conditions.

For example, if a patient suffers from a particularly severe bout of influenza or bronchitis, nebulizers are proven to help clear airways.

A medical professional will fix the mask or mouthpiece with a tube attached to the patient's mouth. Using the air compressor, medication breaks down into mist or aerosol.

Not every patient's nebulizer experience is the same, as some conditions are more severe than others.

When You Need A Nebulizer Treatment

There are various conditions that nebulizer treatments assist with.

Nebulizers are extremely helpful if patients have trouble breathing, use an inhaler, or need a more concentrated dose of medication.

Make sure to inform your doctor of any respiratory conditions you experience or suffer from at your next annual physical.

Does A Nebulizer Clear Your Lungs?

Yes, nebulizers help clear mucus and other secretions from the lungs. The medicinal droplets from the mist help clear your airways, helping treat respiratory infections and clear your lungs.

For those with chronic conditions, it's never clear when they could flare up. That's why nebulizers are so crucial to assisting patients, whatever their condition or disease.

Does A Nebulizer Help Croup?

Yes. A nebulizer is an excellent way to treat croup symptoms in a young child.

Croup is highly prevalent in children from infancy to around six years old. Nebulizers can be a reliable medical tool for alleviating uncomfortable and painful breathing problems brought about by croup.

Can I Use A Nebulizer At Home?

Yes, in some instances of severe chronic illness, using a nebulizer at home is an excellent way to care for your condition.

Likewise, having a nebulizer on hand is highly beneficial if an inhaler doesn't adequately treat your condition or you have trouble using one.

Do I Need An Inhaler?

It depends on your illness or chronic condition. Inhalers are effective ways to recover from and treat respiratory diseases. If you have a chronic condition, inhalers may already be part of your medication regimen.

Likewise, after nebulizer treatments, doctors may prescribe an inhaler to help on the road to recovery. Doctors must show patients how to effectively use an inhaler, as there is a specific technique to receive the medical benefits from one.

Since there are different types of inhalers, knowing the proper inhaler technique is crucial to your specific situation. Make sure to consult with your doctor about inhaler use.

Nebulizers In Atlanta With WestsideMed

At WestsideMed, doctors and other medical professionals use nebulizers in Atlanta to help patients breathe easier.

Are you suffering from any of the above conditions? It doesn't matter if it's wheezing, COPD, or bronchitis: stop in at our Atlanta urgent care to start your nebulizer treatment today.

Doctors will explain the process more in-depth and how to recover from your condition entirely. At WestsideMed, if you need an urgent care x-ray in Atlanta, or an EKG reading, doctors and medical professionals have you covered.

You can't afford to ignore your health. Come visit WestsideMed in Atlanta to quickly and effortlessly address, diagnose, and treat all manner of health conditions.

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