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Where Can I Get A DOT Physical In Atlanta?

Atlanta urgent care doctor performing DOT physical

Your annual physical exam is crucial to screening for disease and health conditions, ensuring that you're healthy. In short, it's a chief medical tool to make sure everything's in order. 

That's why DOT physicals are so important. But where can you get a DOT physical in Atlanta? It's time to learn more about DOT physicals in Atlanta at WestsideMed.

What Are DOT Physicals In Atlanta?

Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals are medical exams required for commercial drivers in the United States, including Atlanta.

These medical exams ensure commercial drivers are physically and mentally fit to operate a vehicle safely. They include reviewing the driver's medical history, a physical examination, and a vision test.

Drivers must also have a urine test for drugs and a breath alcohol test. A certified medical examiner must perform DOT physicals.

What Does A DOT Physical Consist Of?

A DOT physical in Atlanta, or any other location in the United States, will consist of several components.

How Long Is A DOT Exam Good For?

The duration for which a DOT physical is valid depends on the driver's age and the type of certification they hold.

Drivers under the age of 65: the Medical Examiner's Certificate is valid for up to 24 months.

Drivers 65 or older: the Medical Examiner's Certificate is valid for up to 12 months.

The expiration date for drivers who are issued a certificate for less than 24 or 12 months will be indicated on the Medical Examiner's Certificate.

Note that if a driver has a medical condition affecting their ability to drive safely, the examiner may issue a certificate for a shorter duration. They may even deny certification. In this case, the driver must address the issue before being recertified.

In Atlanta and other locations in the United States, it's the employer's responsibility to ensure that the driver's Medical Examiner's Certificate is current and valid. And they need to keep it on file for review by DOT inspectors.

How Much Does A DOT Physical Cost?

Keep in mind the cost of the DOT physical may not be covered by health insurance. Drivers may be responsible for paying for the examination out of pocket.

Some employers may cover the cost as part of their benefits package.

If you're paying out of pocket at WestsideMed, patients can pay $150.

If you aren't sure if your insurance will cover your Atlanta DOT physical, check our insurance list.

Walk-In DOT Physical At WestsideMed Urgent Care in Atlanta

Need to get a DOT physical exam in Atlanta? Enjoy the ease and convenience of stopping in WestsideMed's urgent care clinic at 2250 Marietta Boulevard NW. 

We're an urgent care serving Atlanta and surrounding areas like Bolton, Westover Plantation, and Underwood Hills.

Want more information about WestsideMed, DOT physicals, and taking care of your health in a flash? Send us a message or call at (404) 692-1050. 

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